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How to Take Care of yourComforter?

The comforter care is an easy to do


After you succeed to buy the right down comforter, you should want it to last longer, even more than you can expected. In fact, you only can get the last long down comforter if you can take a good care of your down comforter. It is easy and everyone can do it properly.

  1. Get the duvet cover and protect your comforter, it will keeps your down comforter clean and prolong its life. In addition, it would be even better to regularly clean the duvet cover than constantly clean your comforter
  2. You can fluff or shake the comforter regularly to expand your down clusters with air and renew their own loft.
  3. Air your down comforter outside at least a few hours twice a year to maintain the freshness.
  4. While the off season, you could store the down comforter in a breathable bag in a well ventilated area. Don’t ever use the plastic bag because it trap moisture more, it can lead the comforter to mildew
  5. If you want to clean the down comforter, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction and clean once a year before you store it for off season. If you have the washable down comforter, use a front loading machine and dry it out by dryer rings or dryer balls.

Proper Maintenance

Do the procedure properly and your down comforter will last longer than you expected. In average, you could see the difference between the last long down comforter or not by seeing the state of comforter after fifth washed.