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September 2016

The Art of Maintaining the White Sofa

A white sofa can transform your living room into something sophisticated and elegant without too much fuss. It is the best sofa bed for a classic home interior. A white sofa can immediately brighten up the room; no to mention that it is able to deliver elegant and clean effect. It is no surprise if a lot of homeowners are falling in love with such sofa, considering that it is able to make your living room look different and stylish.

Stylish white sofa bed

However, the biggest problem with this kind of sofa is the light color. When there are discolorations or stains, they are easily visible – ruining the perfection of the sofa. So, what should you do when you want to care and maintain the white sofa?


Tips to Maintain the White Sofa

Here are some basic and easy things to do:

  • Consider using a sofa cover. A sofa cover is basically a great option to protect your sofa from any spillage or stain. Simply cover the sofa with it and you are good to go! Today’s sofa cover is available in various designs, colors, patterns, and sizes. However, not everyone likes the idea of covering their sofa with the cover. Not to mention that some sofas have a unique arrangement so the cover can’t actually be used (imagine the arrangement of a love seat, a divan, and a chaise). If you have the traditional sofa, on the other hand, such sofa cover is possible and doable.
  • Clean the spillage or stain right away. If you spill something on the sofa or if you notice a stain, clean it right away. The longer you let it sit, the more difficult for you to remove and clean it. When there is a spill, use the kitchen papers. Wiping or rubbing isn’t advisable as it can spread the stain and spill to a greater extent. If you deal with a stubborn spill, use a clean cloth. It would be best if you can use white cloth too. Make it damp and then blot the affected area. It is okay to use a mild shampoo or detergent. Once the stain is removed, clean it with the damp cloth and make sure that it dries completely and thoroughly.
  • Avoid eating or drinking in the area. Drinks and foods are mainly responsible for the stains on the sofa. Not to mention that the crumbles may contain oils that can leave ugly marks on the sofa.
  • Rotate the sofa. Use this at least once a month so you can prevent any unbalanced discoloration from the sunlight exposure. It would be a good idea if you can place the sofa away from the windows or use the curtains to block the incoming sunlight.
  • Avoid any DIY products to clean the sofa. Consult the manufacturer’s manual so you know the best option to clean the sofa.