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It Began With a "Bad Joke"...

  Rock`G´Socks was founded in 1994 by Olaf (lyrics & vocals) and Dennis (vocals & lyrics). It all began as a "2-men-fun-project" , and after some months of making some short and funny songs, they became a real band as their (at that time) new guitar-man Kai joined the band. Between April and September 1995, they recorded their first 11 book of ra song "German-rock"-CD "Böser Spaß" (Bad joke) in a studio near Bremen.

After the recordings for the first CD, the line up changed. Kai left the band and their guitar-teacher Hubi took his place. Hubi, as a profi in his work and as a member of several well-known local bands, helped them to get better songs and acheive a greater potential in making songs. Between 1996 and 1997 they wrote and played a lot of songs in the "RGS-music-garage" and a lot of guest-musicans joined them during that time. Martin, one of the guest-musicans joined the band for real.

  Then came the 2nd RGS-CD under the title "RGS - Endzeit - Maschinerie der Apocalypse", which was recorded in 1997 in Lneburg potty training girls age 2, and to complete the CD they added 2 other songs from their first recording in the Fox-Hill-Studios at the end of the same year.

  At the beginning of 1999 they lost their brilliant drummer Martin, who died at age 31. Rest in peace Martin. We will miss you!

  At the beginning of 2000 they got a female guitar-player and vocalist in Maja. With her, Dennis, Olaf and some guest-musicans, started the project "RGS III" and over the next month they recorded 11 great songs, which you will find on their 3rd CD, which was released in April 2002 for the personal training software on the Tres Pelotas-Label.

  In late 2002, a new single entitled "One Last Prayer" was released, and a few months later, they also appeared on a sampler CD released by Pure Impact.

Year by Year History


  • Rock`G´Socks was founded by Dennis & Olaf in april 1994.
  • Kai FK joined the band and they recorded their first demo-tape "Böser Spaß"
  • Rock`G´Socks farxiga lawsuit recorded their first CD "Böser Spaß" (Bad Joke) - incl. 11 songs - for a German label in Delmenhorst, near Bremen.


  • Their first CD is released.


  • New members joined the band and Rock`G´Socks recorded their 2nd demo-tape "Auf der Stelle treten".


  • Rock`G´Socks recorded their 2nd CD "Endzeit - Maschinerie der Apokalypse" for Terror-Records in Lneburg and in Hamburg.



  • Rock`G´Socks lost their brilliant drummer Martin. Rest in peace!


  • The female-vocalist and guitar-player Maja joined the band.
  • Rock`G´Socks started to work on their 3rd album.
  • With a couple of guest-musicans, Rock`G´Socks recorded some first songs for their 3rd album in the Fox-Hill-Studio in Hamburg.


  • Rock`G´Socks signed a contract with Tres Pelotas Music (USA).
  • Rock`G´Socks finished the studio-work for thir 3rd album "RGS-III"


  • Tres Pelotas released their "Night of the living Pelotas"-sampler, incl. 4 songs of Rock`G´Socks.
  • Tres Pelotas released their 3rd CD "RGS-III".
  • Rock`G´Socks recorded their new single at the Fox-Hill-Studios.
  • In late 2002, DodoEmpire-Records released their new Single "One last prayer", which contains 5 great songs.


  • Pure-Impact released thier 2nd Promo-sampler, incl. 1 song of Rock`G´Socks.
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